Membrane lipids are the issue

Cells possess a tremendous complexity of lipids and related enzymes and pathways, with more than 4000 different lipid species finely tuned in order to make the most out of their biophysical properties. Membranes are essential in cell physiology, constituting more than 50% by weight and volume of the entire cell and they influence most cellular processes. Therefore cell and membrane lipid content definitively deserve serious consideration. At present, lipid composition and biophysical properties of the membrane network of cultured cells are extremely altered due to current cultivation processes and they do not guarantee the full efficiency to most cell culture processes.

Refeed® is the solution

Remembrane develops and manufactures Refeed, a revolutionary family of membrane-targeting lipid supplements suitable for any type of cultured cells and protocol used in biolaboratories and able to make any cell culture processes more efficient and cost-effective. Refeed are customized lipid supplements able to modify the membrane lipid content of cultured cells, developing different membrane phenotypes and modifying selected cell properties. Refeed supplements improve valuable biological parameters of cultured cells such as the yields of biomanufacturing processes, the efficacy and outcome of advanced therapies, the quality of drug efficacy and toxicity testing.

Flexibility is our strength

Ready-to-use Refeed supplements have been developed by Remembrane R&D team in collaboration with partner universities and companies and are listed in the Catalogue. Each Refeed formulation is specifically designed for a cell type and/or a cluster of cell lines and it is usually coupled to publications or a case studies. Ready-to-use Refeed can be integrated in any protocol already in use, although a preliminary tuning to the cell culture system in use is recommended.

Custom Refeed is our gold standard for pushing efficacy to the maximum. Customized formulations and protocols are the ideal solution for companies operating in Biomanufacturing and Advanced Therapy fields, where the cell culture process represents the core of the company’s business. In fact, being each Cell Culture System unique and influenced by multiple variables, you can make the most out of Refeed efficacy through a completely tailored solution.


Quality is our guidance

As producer of Ancillary Materials, Remembrane has implemented a production system compliant with the criteria of the Good Manufacturing Practices. By doing so, we have improved our internal quality standards, aligning them to our qualification as supplier of GMP-grade products. Our rigorous quality controls, process controls, and built-in process improvement steps ensure the high quality standards you would expect from a reliable and committed partner. At Remembrane, we welcome customer and supplier audits as a way to ensure that our quality standards meet the expectations and ever-changing needs of our customers. In the Table displayed, the two different levels of quality available for our Refeed products are highlighted.

Distributors are our network

This is the updated list of our distributors. Please contact them for quotations or directly us for further information on our products.