In-vitro testing

Ready-to-use Refeed®

Hypercholesterolemic cardiomyocytes

This Refeed recreates in vitro a membrane network closely mimicking membrane content and properties of in-vivo hypercholesterolemic cardiomyocytes. Optimized for primary neonatal and adult cardiomyocytes. See Makkos A. et al., 2020, Hambalkó S. et al., 2022 for data and further information.

Generic membrane mimicking

Generic Refeed are able to develop cultured cells characterized by a membrane network reflecting physiological or predisposing conditions. Membrane lipids deeply influence membrane biophysical properties and cell physiology, and each Refeed generate a unique membrane environment with unique features.

Dietary membrane mimicking

Dietary Refeed have been developed to simulate the effect of different dietary lipid regimens on cultured cells. Lipids obtained from the diet constitute up to 95% of the lipids used by cells and deeply influence the membrane lipid composition, its biophysical properties and the entire cell physiology.

Custom Refeed®

Target applications:

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic research strives for revolutionary in-vitro models able to mimic in-vivo physiology, thus decreasing experimental biases of scientific data. By focusing on membrane lipid composition and related properties, custom Refeed advance the quality of the following in-vitro applications:

  • Basic research
  • Drug Discovery and development
  • Cosmetic testing

Use custom Refeed to get:

  • Reliable in vitro models mimicking pathological or predisposing conditions;
  • Increased in vitro predictivity of efficacy and toxicity for drug candidates;
  • Simulations of lipid alterations or dysregulations specific to each disease;
  • Lowered experimental biases and de-risking of drug candidates.

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