September 30, 2013

Membrane Trafficking

In a paper of great importance, Payet et al. (Traffic, 2013) describe how Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA) alter membrane ... 

July 31, 2013

Report 3.0 – our Visual Response

During these hot summer days we have given Report a new look, turning it into a simpler and more effective tool for understanding the membrane ... 

July 16, 2013

Pills of Trans Fatty Acids

Trans Fatty Acids (TFA) are unsaturated fatty acids with at least one double bond in the trans configuration, that renders ... 

May 17, 2013

U.I. arm in arm with Diabetes

The Unsaturation Index (U.I.) expresses the number of cis double bonds characterizing a phospholipid bilayer and describes the fluidity, ... 

April 15, 2013

Lipid metabolism greases the Stem Cell engine

According to the latest literature, it is more and more evident that the lipid metabolism is playing a central role in the regulation of the ... 

March 26, 2013

The Patient in a Vial

The Cover Story of Euro Biotech News N° 1-2 |Volume 12|2013 is about stem cells and StemBANCC – the new EU project throughwhich ... 

February 7, 2013

Report 2.0: What’s new

Remembrane has recently upgraded its Report analysis service.

Wondering what’s new?

First of all, we increased the number of fatty acids ... 

December 20, 2012

Lipidomics of oxidized PUFA

Lipid mediators are produced from the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids through enzymatic and free radical-mediated reactions. ...