Ready-to-use Refeed®

Cell type: Escherichia coli

This revolutionary Refeed is able to boost Escherichia coli protein manufacturing yields by 50%-400%, depending on protein class, size, expressibility. It is effective with most manufacturing protocols and compliant with GMP quality requirements. Its benefit-to-cost ratio strongly improves economic sustainability of any E. coli protein manufacturing processes. Contact us for receiving a detailed set of information and data.

Custom Refeed®

Target applications:

In the biomanufacturing field Refeed is a multiplier technology, i.e. is complementary to any other technology for bioproduct yield improvement. Customized Refeed can supplement any cell lines used in bioprocesses, such as mammalian (CHO, HEK, Vero, etc.), insect or microorganisms (E. coli, Bacillus subtilis, Yeast, Pichia, etc.) in order to boost the yields of the following bioproducts:

  • Recombinant proteins, mAbs, protein-based vaccines
  • Viruses, viral vectors and viral-based vaccines
  • Enzymes and chemicals

Use custom Refeed® to get:

  • Increased yield, titers and overall well-being of cell factories;
  • Improved functionality and efficiency of secretory pathways;
  • Engineered membranes where protective lipids mitigate bioproduct detrimental effects;
  • Increased profitability for economically unviable bioprocesses.

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